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O365 Cloud security free for 6 months!!


With over 250 million users on the O365 platform there should be no shock that hackers are attacking this platform. Have you or someone you know had your email compromised? Would you be able to tell if your email was compromised? To make things worse, your Teams, Sharepoint and Onedrive data are all tied to the same account.

Security experts know no single cyber-defense can stop every kind of threat. Business Email Compromise is a rising threat, but attacks are nothing new. Cyber criminals use smart automated software tools to target businesses all the time. If there is a weakness, they will find it, and get into your business. 

This is why we are offering you a free gift, to help you sleep at night knowing your business is protected.

TW Cloud Secure utilizes AI and cybersecurity certified engineers to monitor your environment 24/7/365. Due to the increase in O365 compromises, we have decided to offer this service free for 6 months.

TW Cloud Secure effectively blocks spam, protects your business, safely denotate suspicious files, and uses predictive technology to anticipate attacks. The advanced protection that comes with TW Cloud Secure is what your business needs to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals everywhere.

This is a limited time offer as the cost for this service is hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

We even put together a book that covers this hot topic

Our book, "Email Hijack", shows you how to protect your business from exactly this kind of crime.

Get your free copy now.


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